Determining Factor(s) for GW Opponents?

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Can anyone explain to me what factors (if any) determine what squads you face as you progress through the nodes? Obviously it's not random, as the difficulty increases in a sort of 2-1-3, 3-2-4, 4-3-5 etc. scale (or so it seems to me). But surely there's something I can do to try to up the ante on my side. You can't even just say, "Well, upgrade your toons, duh," since I am doing that (of course) and naturally, the whole war escalates to match. A fellow guild member (shameless plug here: come join Galactic strikeforce, we rule!) has suggested that if you keep your Squad Arena rank low, the GWs are easier. One, that doesn't seem right. I stay in the 700-800's, and my GWs are ridiculous. Does that mean I should rank higher (i.e. 500's)? I really have no use for arena battles anymore, so what's my incentive? Second, why should Squad Arena have anything to do with it? Ultimately, it seems nearly everyone is having issues with GW. I for one have only ever completed three, and I don't think I'll ever reach my next achievement (10). Frankly, I'd be fine with doing away with GWs altogether; they've become a colossal waste of time and I give up on my Guild activity when it comes around to them. Clearly there's a problem here. Can we find a solution? Am I just a whiny baby? (Don't - don't answer that.)

Also, what's with all the gd dodging and deflecting? BUG! Hello! FIX IT NOW PLEASE!
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    I hear GW difficulty is based on your arena "Power" rating. So it's very much flawed to begin with.
  • So I wonder if then, in theory, I could change my arena squad to, say, five lvl 1 toons (totalling a negligible power rating), then restart my GW and get a node path full of bantha fodder, and use my core team to blaze on through? Mind you, I'm not looking to cheat, I would just like a power-appropriate path that I can actually finish 7 more times.
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