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I drew 2* Leia a while back from a Chromium pack (the 4x one), and she helped me really cruise through levels 25ish through 45ish. I'm now lvl50, and although her attack is strong as ever, she seems to be becoming a defensive liability. I can't farm shards for her so she's stuck at 2*, and I need to clear a few more levels on Stage 5 LS battles to get access to the one piece of gear she needs to upgrade to lvl5 gear. Ironic it's HER that keeps dying on the path to those battles, I still need her offense. I took her out of my pvp team, too.

Besides her I usually roll with 4* Chewy, 4* Lumi, 4* JC, and 4* Luke as my LS squad. Working on farming Finn in Squad Cantina, and Rey to a lesser (and much slower) extent.

Anyone run into this as well? Any solutions?


  • I stopped using her, I tried using her in a glass cannon team in arena and got roflstompped. Ground everything I read about her she needs to be promoted to be on par with the rest of your team, 2 stars she's just to squishy, even with the "leia bug" people are talking about.

    I'm level 54 right now
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