Dooku as Arena leader?

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I'm curious if anyone has tried using him? I never see him as a lead in arena's but on paper the 15% evasion plus offense up on evade seems pretty solid. It actually seems preferable to me to Lumi's leader and I see her leading a fair number of teams where she is the solo jedi or with one other Jedi so that most of the team just gets 7% evasion and 3% health.

Right now I'm running Sid as leader but thinking about dumping resources into leveling up (5*) Dooku's leader ability

Any thoughts or advice?


  • Leader is also about intimidation in arena so unless her is like 6-7* he's not going to be very intimidating and you will get picked on
  • Dooku dies really fast.

    I just kill him first now as I can take him out in less than a round with my current make up then just drop a group heal to start fresh with rest of battle.
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    Randall wrote: »

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I don't have Rey and both Ahsoka and resistance pilot are both level 1 and ungeared, so I can't give that build a try. What I do have and am thinking of giving a try is:

    1. 5* Dooku (Leader) - I'm working on 6* which should take approximately another month. His stuns are handy against jedi and at 5* his damage is still ok, though not great.
    2. 7* Sid (current leader). His natural evasion should result in him usually having offense up, he already hits hard, has an aoe and heal immunity
    3. 3* Poe (I won't run this team until I have Poe to at least 4* which I'm working on and will continue to level him all the way to 7*...unless something else catches my interest :wink: ). Tanks for 2 rounds to protect my squishies. He gets one of the early turns so the taunt should be reliable unless he gets stunned by other teams Dooku
    4. 4* IG88 - Just maxed Sid, so can focus arena shipments on 8's now and will level him to 7*. Hits hard, aoe, ability block and immunity heal. He's way squishy, but my thoughts are between Poes taunt and Dooku's evade (he'll get more than twice the evade he'd get from Lumi), he should be a little more survivable. Plus, chance for offense up if he evades on an already hard hitter.
    5. 5th spot could be 7* Lumi, 5* Fett, 4* Vader or 4* Ren

    Lumi is probably the best choice because of her heal, high damage special, single target ability block and 7*, but I'm actually leaning towards Fett because I like his combo of Aoe with 80% ability block, good health, and decent damage.

    In truth, I'd like to put Vader in the 5th spot, but he's stuck at 4* and I think the other two would work better in this team. Ren I'm still working on obtaining, but it shouldn't take too long for me to unlock him now that I'm focused on him in cantina battles and not much longer to get him to 5 and eventually 6*. Not sure yet how I feel about him for the 5th slot.
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