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I am a newer player (level 41) who is interested in buying the droid bundle which is still available in my store. Unfortunately I don't have poggle at the moment which is one limiting factor holding me back from purchasing the bundle. I am also wondering if I should just wait to see if a new bundle comes in the near future and spend my money on that. So should I get the droid bundle or wait to see if any newer bundles come out and are worthwhile buying?


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    My only advice is don't buy any character you can't promote through free methods unless you plan to spend absurd amounts of money. Poggle is available through GW so don't worry about him. But any character that is only available through packs, don't bother. They will not be viable in the long run
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    I would buy the droid pack because most of the droids are farmablr and poggle is not that hard to get. Honestly if that pack was still available to be i would buy it
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    I wouldn't buy a thing from those overpriced packs.
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    I wish I would have bought the Droid pack.
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    Pack prices are insane, no 4-star character should be more than $5 or $10 at the most.

    Not sure why characters are more than $2 on a roster this size, honestly. If they were $2 each you'd still have a full $60 retail game release -sized package.
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