SIM Tickets: Best way to use?

So any strategy on using the Sim tickets? I figured that I would save them for the more valuable areas but it looks like you get them rather frequently. Just wondering how everyone else uses them.


  • Saving them for the bad times. Like when my gf wants to "spend some time" with me. B)
  • Exactly. If you don't have the time or just in farming mode, using SIMS is a blessing. - Database of everything SWGoH. Fear the Boot |FTB| - One of the 1st Elite Alliances.
  • And since you get 25 per day due daily rewarding (and another 20 for energy recharge) it's still enough I think. Other games are more... stingy.
  • Yeah they are nice when you need to "spend" energy so you can mx recharge before you sit down to play again.
  • I have so much stims, dam i have no live, lol. I use them when ever farming to upgrade gear on a hero, becasue even on autopilot. It can get very annoying.
  • I only ever use them when my energy is full and I want to bump it down so it can charge back up and I don't waste that potential energy. Only when I don't have time to actually battle, e.g. on my break at work.
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