#10 Small Life Changes: Events And You (How Much GOH Can You Handle?)

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Tenth in the series and this one is about the idea of making daily events and a monthly challenge to spice up the game.

Monday , Thursday and Sunday Is Worth Sixty Portions :
Random table chosen and rewards doubled for the day.

Tuesday and Friday Can't Get Enough :
Random event brought back for that day like Droid , Omega , Empire , mod appreciation event and so on.

Saturday Scoundrel At Heart :
Doubles credits across all tables

Monthly Challenge One For All And All For One :
New monthly challenge like the guild daily but for all servers that rewards everyone that helps with the challenge with guild tokens.

People that have played games like Battlefront EA will know how this works.

deal a minimum of 666 million damage to Rancor for that month

Earn a total of X credits or X type of token

Complete X amount of dailies


Then just normal events on top and that should definitely spice things up as well as adding a new layer to GOH and will sync with some of my other ones in the series.

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