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    Started six days ago
    High spender (only two rows of heroes left to unlock)

    Lvl 41 (already rank 83 on pvp , watch out number 1)
    Highest - ren 5 star , maul 5 , vader 4 / rest are 4 + stars

    7 spots remaining ( would prefer other high rollers but any spenders or high levels will do)
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    New player. Only level 27. I play daily. Thanks.
  • Exile_2219
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    edited January 2016
    Lvl 21 and climbing fast
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    922-118-421 / level 54
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    level 60 (as of an hour ago) active (at least going to do all Daily Rewards in a day) player with strong characters. I am working on gathering credits and training droids.
    looking for lvl 56+ active allies with cool characters to share.

    I do not have many allies, so everyone is welcome to ally me.

    some of my characters include (and I am working on gaining stars and gear on the more important ones):
    lvl 60 Luminara 6* gear VII {(leader) lvl 5}
    lvl 60 Darth Sidious 5* gear VII {(leader) lvl 5}
    lvl 60 Obi-Wan 4* gear VI {(leader) lvl 5}
    lvl 60 Darth Maul 4* gear VI {(leader) lvl 3}
    lvl 60 4* Old Daka gear VI {(leader) lvl 2}

    i am working on:
    lvl 59 Captain Phasma 4* gear VI {(leader) lvl 4}
    lvl 24 Kylo Ren 5* gear II
    lvl 57 FOTP 2* gear VI
    lvl 58 Talia 4* gear VI {(leader) lvl 3}
    lvl 1 Asajj Ventress 4*
  • Frk5
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    please add only 50+
    i am very active player
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    I am new But i play daily my code is 538-916-292
    i will accept any requests
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    Plo Kloon

    One of the firsts
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    Special greetings from CaptainReynolds,

    I'm looking for players around or above my level to join my Ally List. If anyone has Old Daka, Ima-Gun Di or Captain Phasma I would love to have you has an ally! Feel free to add me if you need additional healing/support yourself.
    Currently level 45 with 4*Barris Offee (leader), Luminara, Asajj, Ashoka, Consular and Sideous


    Thanks! :)
  • Drago
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    edited January 2016
    Daily player lf more allies! Lvl 45+ i use a full jedi squad
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    Dear Meatbags,

    You know you want it: Darth Vader shards for your Strength in Allies achievement. Me? I want to passively exploit your high level characters so I can actually pass battles with my fleshy characters.


    Currently level 30 with same set of characters that I came to me at level 5. I'm farming. You bet I'm farming. Farming Darth, oh yea. Only 20 days to go there.

    - Robotched
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    Lvl 57 . 913 722 921

    I play everything every day and have done for four weeks. I'm very active.

    I'm ready to accept any levels to help you progress.

    It would be nice to get a few higher level characters to help me too.
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    Lv 34 active player started 3 days ago
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    Level 57 player. Looking for good allies. 523-683-982.
    Mandalorian in training
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    Level 44 player and rising please only players 44 and up sorry
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    919924975 thanks
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    Just got started a few hours ago and leveling quickly! LVL 19.

    Add me

  • DFJ
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    5 star Level 51 Phasma and 4 star Level 51 Chewie. Also have 5 star Level 51 Consular.

    Ally Code is 783-165-145. Play actively.

    Adding Allies....
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    274-188-442 play daily
    Marshawn Lynch lil baby stiff arm
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    Lvl 41 daily player good characters and leaderships. Looking for high lvl allies to get past some content. 737-815-435
  • Gungi
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    693-997-262 Lvl 55 active player with purple luminara, sidious, fives and etc etc
    "A Wookiee! Rare you are to the Jedi. Proud, your people must be."
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    274-188-442 play daily
    Marshawn Lynch lil baby stiff arm
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    Ranked Top 10 on Server
    Daily Player
    Looking for other active 60's for shared toons once new level cap comes out


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    LvL 46 very active
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    Lvl 59 , 611 124 918
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    Level 35 started 3 days ago
    Looking for some help out there
    Play actively
    Free donkey rides
    989 369 962
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    lvl 57. very active. rank <300.

    han solo all the way.
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    Level 42 .. rank 400.

    4x star Boba Fett, Finn, Grand Moff Tarkin, Poe Dameron, Qui-Gon Jinn, Rey, Talia, Captian Phasma, Count Dooku, Kylo Ren, Princess Leia, First Order Tie Pilot

    Looking for strong allies...but anyone can add me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Daily player, about a week in. Level 37, just cracked Top 500 in my Arena. Currently rolling a 3* Talia, or 4* Maul, but also just grabbed the Droid pack, so those will be on the way up. Looking for some other committed allies.
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