Galactic War In A Positive Light

There are numerous and widely varied opinions throughout the SWGOH community (some positive, some negative) regarding the Galactic War. I know there may be some changes coming "soon", but in the meantime I want to try to put the GW in a more positive light and make some recommendations in the hopes of helping anyone who is struggling with it.

The varied opinions:
· “It’s too difficult.” / “It’s broken.”
· “It’s too easy. I Auto it in 20-30 minutes”
· “It takes too long.”
· “It’s boring.”

SWGOH representatives say:
· “It was meant to be difficult.”
· “…there are still a large number of players that don’t enjoy Galactic War. [The team is] working on ways to make the mode a little less frustrating and not take quite as long to complete.”

Now let’s make some observations:
1. Players who claim that it’s too easy have obviously found a working strategy.
2. Many players claim that their biggest deficiency is a lack of credits.
3. Completing a daily GW rewards 458,000 credits and 1200 War Tokens.

If GW didn't exist and SWGOH offered 458,000 daily credits in return for a 30-minute effort, just about any player would jump at the opportunity. Players who: a) can complete it in around 30 minutes, b) have 30 more minutes available to play and c) have the credits banked—would gladly take it.

At this point I’ll state my own experience: I used to struggle with it, and after adjusting my strategy I am now at the point where I can Auto most of it and complete the GW in about a half-hour or so with one team, usually no suicide squads and only an occasional retreat/retry. I do feel that the mode could be improved in the following ways:

· Since the ability to “refresh” exists in some other modes (campaign battles, Arena, Cantina, Events), allow refreshing at an incrementally increasing cost of crystals.
· Reduce the fulfillment of GW in the Daily Achievements to something more in line with other modes, such as “Complete 5 Galactic War battles”.
· SWGOH reps have stated that the difficulty of the GW is based on the power of your best winning Arena team. State this on the Details page of the GW table.

Since a number of players have found a winning strategy, clearly There Is A Way. Those who are struggling and reading this will be thinking “That’s easy for you to say, but I can’t beat the GW”… which leads me to Strategy.

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here. Colred has a posted an excellent strategy guide at I highly recommend it. If you are struggling and haven’t tried his recommendations at the very least for Slot 1 and 2 (but better all slots), you may not want 458,000 daily credits bad enough. :) Are you guaranteed to succeed if you follow it? Of course not... but your chances will greatly improve.

Thanks for reading! I'll get down off my soapbox now. :smile:
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