F2P - T7 Rsid - Phase 1 advice

What are the best toons and assembled teams to tackle the first phase of a T7 raid?

Thanks for any advice!


  • Dal_Zuba
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    Phasma/Teebo lead, Jinn, Ackbar, GS/Rey, Phasma/5s.
  • Sysy
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    Without g10 Teebo+scanner, it should be Phasma, Rey, QGJ, AA (EE) GS. With Teebo should be Teebo, QGJ, Phasma, EE, and Rey or a unconfirmed TM character .
  • I've done north of 300k with Phasma (L), Rey, GS, QGJ, Daka. I'm still starring ackbar and EE up, but daka can help in the meantime. Stun/get rid of the side pigs, let daka get the first deathmark and you're pretty safe to go. More than 200k with that team is pretty easy and consistent, getting to 300k requires quite a bit of RNG and retreats until you get it just right.

    Teebo lead is also a good option, but we have tested it only with ackbar.
  • Managed around 600k today with:
    Phasma (l), Qui-Gon, Rey, Gs & Ackbar.

    Inspired by others I'm building Teebo lead in an attempt to push beyond that, something like:
    Teebo(l), Phasma, Qui-Gon, Ewok Elder + GS --- Long term I'd like to replace GS, perhaps with Ewok Scout or maybe even Chirpa. For p2p Rex would be the obvious choice.
  • How much % does it 600k equal? I've done 30% damage in t7 p1 with phasma (L), QGJ, Rey, GS, FOTP, but I retreated so I didn't see the damage total
  • 30% of 2 mil so you did 600k
  • Wow I should have kept that' I ended up totaling under 600k when it was finished. When I retreated from p1, we were already in p3, so I went once before throwing the rest I had into p4..

    Thank you for the info!
  • I've got Teebo at 7* G8, to make him useful on T7 I think G9 is really a must have. But I'm 70 or so shards from 7* Chirpa and just over 100 shards from 7* Ewok Elder. Gonna mix them with QGJ and either Phasma or Fives for speed down.
  • Our guild runs through heroic pretty fast, so I can't really test, but I have teebo at g10 with scanner for 80% potency, no ewoks or Rex; makbar is 40 shards away from 7 star. I wonder if I'm better off staying away from the pigs, or try teebo, phasma, QGJ, Rey, and GS
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