How get 3 stars in battle 6B difficult dark side

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Im keep trying but my best was 1 star, team recomend? Thank you guys


  • Sidious, Kylo (Attack)
    Talia, Daka (Heal)

    and up to you .......1 charactor.
    Recoment, Dooku (Speed, stun, counter)

    And Friend use Captain plasma.

    All charactor 55+ gear6+
  • Kill all the Ewok scouts before focusing on the boss.

    I was making the mistake of trying to burn him down so he couldn't Rez/heal. The Ewoks just put out too much damage. Yes the boss will rez and heal some but just nuke them down again. Phasma ally is great as well, as it will proc more Daka stuns and Talia self-heal.
  • Borrow a strong talia or phasma and hope for good RNG. Took me like 7 tries to get the 3*..
  • Thank you guys
  • I used sid, Vader, bane, daka, boba.

    Focus ewoks, while ability blocking, or stunning the elder so he can't rez what you kill. Took 2 tries to 3* it.

    Everyone focus ewoks, except daka and Vader as they try to block or stun the elder. Once one or the other is done, then leave elder alone till next round.
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