Farming shards effectively w/ limited stamina

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Hi guys just wanted to get your opinion on farming hard mode stages for shards. Do you guys stop if the first run gets you a shard? It seems like out of the three chances that you can run per day without resetting for hard mode stage rarely gives you more than one shard. For example if I do a hard mode run and don't get a shard and I run it again and get a shard. Running the third run most likely will not get me another shard. Or am I just extremely unlucky? What are your experiences with farming shards and drop rates? Thanks in advance for any helpful tips. Just started playing two days ago and loving the game.


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    You should always start the day with a prayer to the RNG gods. It helps. Other than that, there is no rule - you can get a perfect run and get three for three (had this 2 days ago with Geo Soldier), two for three (Rey today), one or zero (had this more often than I'd care to admit). Since this isn't the only game of the sort that I play, Marvel Puzzle Quest being the other, I've heard plenty of "tried and tested" methods of increasing drop rates - restarts, leaving the game running for a long time, holding the phone upside-down while standing on one leg holding a chestnut in your mouth... either all of them work or none do.
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    Don't waste time with chestnut method. 0/3 everything every time.
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    I mean, you get free gems for doing 5 hard mode battles anyway. Might as well do 3 for the character you want the most, then at least 2 for another. At least some of the daily activities are well thought out in that they want you to undertake the effort of clearing encounters that will give you some real strength in-game. The galactic war and challenge ones, in particular.
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    Don't waste time with chestnut method. 0/3 everything every time.

    I've found that an almond works much better than the chestnut. And if it's a chocolate covered almond, guaranteed 7* Leia every time.
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