Timer on Squad Arena Battles

-Don't care for it. The five minute maximum to me really eliminates part of the strategy of the game, especially for slower attack toons, or especially -healing teams that take a lot of damage, but also extend battle time a great deal even in victories. Curious of others thoughts on this. The current time-limit seems to favor the Dooku's and Sid's out there for the most part. I know I have had more than one draw I would have won if allotted more time.
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  • Llewella
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    The attacker is allready has a huge advantage.
    1) you can pick your opponent
    2) you have a brain.
    The timer at least gives the defender a marginally better shot at defending and tbh most matches are decided in 2 or 3 mins.
    Also if there was no timer you could theoretically enter a match and sit there for twenty mins until a couple seconds before rewards and hold or achieve your desired rank.
    The timer is a necessity. Focus on things you can control. Like making your team better so the timer is not a factor.
  • Errant
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    It will become a non issue as your rank up. I am a rank 1player running Geno(5), Lumi(7), Barrissa as Leader(4), CJ(7), Eeth(7) and have no issues. I Hate Sid tho I was running full Jedi and swapped Geno for dealing with that guy after the patch and the dodge buff against Jedi's
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  • Errant, what type of opponents do you see at the top of your LB as far as team make-up in the top ten (levels, characters)? Thanks. I wouldn't want to see any drastic change IMO, maybe going to six minutes, as opposed to five.
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  • No thanks...5 mins is good and perfect....if you cant do it before the time..that means your teams not good enough....
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    I should have stated at the front-end but didn't think it would be necessary, -this isn't a "who's team is best" thread if it needs clarification. Please keep it on-topic. the topic again is the strategies of consuming time in the arena in battles and how that time benefits certain team set ups, NOT autoplay battles or OP 7 star teams that make up 2% of the player-base...
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  • It does not have any impact on my strategy. As was stated above most matches last 2-3 minutes.
  • I know what you're trying to say. The best solution would be the choice to set up your own defending team. Although, at the higher levels, teams with some kind of damage(not necessarily full out damage) will surpass all defensive teams.
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