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    Luxor wrote: »
    What about OP? I see it all time in the forum. By context I gather It means opinion, but in other games it means Over Powered.

    Yes, to reference a toon, it means over powered. In forums, OP can refer to the "original poster" who started the thread.
  • Since this thread has expanded to terminology defined in general, rather than start a new one, I'll ask my question here. Dodged, Deflected, Resisted: what's the specific difference between each of these defenses? I believe I'm right in guessing that "Dodge" is a block against physical damage (and a fine automaker), and "Resist" is a block against an effect or debuff. Does that make "Deflect" a block against special damage? If not, what does it block? And which of these does Evasion grant: just Dodge, or all three, or what?

    And congrats the developers for coming up with three different terms for "block" in this game. I think if I saw the word "Blocked" pop up in the GW as much as I see "Dodged", I would've thrown my devices at all the brick walls.
  • let's get something useful for the community back on top! Tired of reading all the griping about the game update today :)
  • what is nerfing?
  • I use GG for gamorean guard but specify the orc not the droid in parentheses.
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    what is nerfing?

    To reduce the strength or effectiveness of
    I use GG for gamorean guard but specify the orc not the droid in parentheses.

    You know the droids are "IG" series', right?
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    WAI? Anyone know?
  • How about "proc". Referring to a toon's ability?
  • @Lohkarr WAI means Working (or works) As Intended. Usually you'll see this as a semi-sarcastic response to discussion about a flaw or bug in the game.

    @BB8miller To "proc" is when an ability that has a random chance of happening actually occurs. For example, Sun Fac has a 50% chance to counter whenever he is attacked, so when it happens, then his counter proc'd or procs. I believe it's an abbreviation for "procedurally random occurrence", though that may not be exactly right. Anyone that knows more can correct me on that.
  • @DaddyBacca I certainly don't know exactly but it's almost like his 'counter processed' i.e. occurred although you definition seems more scientific :)

    @EA_Jesse are you able to point us to anything that fully explains the differences of dodge/deflect/resist to help answer @GrampaSimpson question above?
  • "Proc" is a pretty common term used when talking about games that have abilities that are based on randomness. Another example is Leia's ability to give everyone critical chance up. There's a certain percentage (can't remember how much) that this will happen. It's like telling a friend at a bar to blindly pick a number from 1 to 10. They tell you the number they chose, and if it's between 1 and 5, inclusive, then you buy them a drink. Thus your ability to buy them a drink "procs" if they pick the number 1, or 4, or 2, etc.
  • Thanks!
  • I'd like to start a new term going, and it'd be awesome if I ended up seeing it catch momentum here in the forums and on guild chat:

    DM - Designated Morsel

    This is a toon that you make taunt the rancor just before devour, ensuring that s/he is chosen be eaten.
    I... I do it to ST Han all the time. He's just not the MVP of his raid team. If you're curious, lately my D team has been an all-scoundrel group consisting of: Lando (L), Cad, Chewie, ST Han, and Greedo. Yes, I have IG-88, but he's the leader of my C team, which is half droid. Dunno why I'm sharing all this. Anyway, my Han is usually the first to go.
  • The Velvet Cape Overlord- Lando

    'stache - Lando
  • Lohkarr wrote: »
    WAI? Anyone know?

    WAI - working or works as intended
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