Spending Crystals

I've been pretty dang disappointed with every time I've bought a chromium pack. Would it just be better to spend the crystals on refreshes?


  • i rarely buy a pack i save it all to use on cantina and energy refills the 50,50 energy and 100 cantina
  • Yeah, the occasional cantina refresh won't hurt you more than a poor pack pull will. As long as you have Kylo's node unlocked, might as well be farming him.
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  • That just feels BAD though...paying Premium currency just to be allowed to PLAY the game for a few more turns? At least packs have a CHANCE of a real payoff. Cantina just has a chance of a single farming material.

    Not saying it isn't good advice, just an ugly situation.
  • Depends on where you are at in gameplay. I used a couple to open packs and it **** me off getting only shards to crap or 10 when I need 80 but I did land some Heros I enjoyed playing with (none currently on starting)
    If I could do it all over again I would never spend a crystal on opening packs because they are pure crap. Even if you land a great Hero at most they will be a *4 and you will need many more shards to level and will take too much money to get to *6&*7 leaving hero on bench ultimately.
    Just use farm characters & Max gear for now unless you are looking long run to invest in future if you predict this game will last for you and don't mind keeping Heros you paid for on your bench until game offers opportunities to use them not available in current format.
  • I gave up on chromiums, Too many times Ive pulled 1 shard for a 80 Shard character that is unfarmable its a waste of crystals, Use crystals towards farming kylo in cantina, I usually refill my cantina energy 1 time a day using crystals, & my regular energy twice a day (50Crystals) to build my teams gear up. I strongly think thats the best route to go. Chromiums are pure luck, the only people who pull anything are lucky or spending crazy amounts of money on crystals
  • Chromium packs are a waste. All the chromium pack exclusive heroes aren't as strong as the f2p farmable heroes. The few that are decent from chromium packs people cry nerf because they can't get them.

    Just farm Poe, Poggle, Hk-47, IG-88, and IG-86

    This team is the best right now on defense.
  • i rarely buy a pack i save it all to use on cantina and energy refills the 50,50 energy and 100 cantina
    I dunno, I hit level 44 and now it's 100 for energy and 100 for cantina. Kinda makes the whole game much less interesting. Before, I had some fun farming equipment and shards, now it's all moot. I guess that's F2P for you.

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    I do two cantina rebuys a day 100/200.
    Two energy rebuys 50/50.
    Two hard mode resets 50x2
    =500 crystals/day

    Have bought and saved weekly crystal shipment for $5x2 and starter pack. Use those crystals for 100 energy refreshes when my main team needs to catchup on gear.

    Focused on one strong team from get go. Cash rank 1 frequently for 500 payout. No chromium buys. Hope this helps. GL

    *edited starter pack
  • I just really want Barriss... =) I think I'll start using crystals for refreshes now.
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