Build help

Hi everyone,im new at this forum,
I wanna ask you how i can build my team, currently i run a simil-jedi team, with barris sidi lumi aayla secura , today i switched ahsoka tano for a darth vader,

Currently im level 55,
Sidius is purple tier 6 star lvl 55
Barris purple tier 4 stae
Vader 4 star
Lumi 7 star
Aayla secura 3 star :#

I use barris as leader, currently im farming 4d cantina for kylo ren (dont know why)
i still have many other carachters, lower level
Phasma, chewba, some imperials,

Im gonna max sidi, but i dont know who buy in the galaxy war


  • slmcmr
    845 posts Member
    For GW it should be "Lumi --> Phasma --> Poggle --> Save Tokens For Possible New Characters"
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