Inferno Order guild looking for members

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edited June 2016
We have 42/50 spots right now. Looking for active members who are at least level 77 and have a minimum of 8 toons at 6* or higher.

A T5 raid takes us anywhere between 10-18 hours on average. A T6 raid takes us about 3-4 days still. So we are looking for players who can help with T6 raids in hopes to start getting us to T7 raids soon.

Must be an active player in 3 phases of the game.
1) Participate in raids.
2) Participate in daily guild activities.
3) Spend your energy to help build guild currency so we can do more raids.

All 3 of these are taken into account for our guild as they help everyone in the guild. If you are going to be offline or can't participate for any reason, it's expected you let us know in the chat portion of the guild.


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