Starting to fall off

I was doing very well in PVP a while ago and I just need some help figuring out the right comp from you guys. Right now I'm running Kylo Dooku Luk Bona and Sid. I saw potential in the AOE, ability blocks, and healing immunities, but as I level my team seems to be going downhill. Do I just not have the right synergy? Could someone help me with another comp maybe? Just need help and I need it bad


  • Lum and Boba* auto correct, sorry
  • EM650
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    Who is your leader?
  • Sid
  • I have a Kyloe 5 star and whilst I'm still working on him for 6 stars he is not currently in my lineup. I think he is one of those toons that needs to be played by the user and sucks on defence. Think about him, has Kylo ever destroyed your team in any match?

    I run with phasma lead, sid, lumi, dooku and daka. I imagine this is quite horrible as a defence team due to proc and speed buffs.

    I would swap your Kylo if you have a good alternative. Poe, daka, ig88, even vadar.
  • Dang I don't have any of those
  • Time
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    If you are going full aoe get rid of Dooku or lumi whichever is weaker, although I'd rather have Dooku for that early stun. Otherwise I'd get rid of Boba for either han/poe or phasma.
  • My characters are currently

    Lum/JC 5*
    Sid 6*
    Boba/Kylo/Dooku 4*

    Do you think my best option would be to start investing in Poe instead of boba?
  • I stopped farming JC because I got Lum and started investing into Kylo
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