Game Update - 6/15/2016


Here are the notes for the update today.

  • Princess Leia is no longer Chromium Pack exclusive. Princess Leia shards will be available in the Arena Store.
  • Zam Wesell is the new Chromium exclusive character. Zam is a lightning fast Scoundrel attacker that inflicts Evasion Down and detonates bombs.

  • Force Champion Events begin on Thursday June 16th. These limited time events will be available at levels 55, 65 and 75 and will have you overcome 4 different battles to earn both credits and shards of members of the Jedi Order. The first event will be Force Champions: Aayla Secura. Make sure your squad is ready for the return of the Grand Master’s Training by completing the Force Champions events!

  • Enabled the Level 80 reached lifetime achievement and added + 3 Omega Mats
  • Mk 5 Arakyd Droid Callers will start to appear in PvE Shipments for 1400 Crystals. They will have a chance to appear there for 2 weeks.
  • Balance adjustments have been made to Galactic War which should result in it not taking as long to complete.

Bug Fixes
  • Yoda can only grant positive effects to allies using Battlemaster’s Meditation. No buffs are shared with allies unless Meditation is used and Yoda has that buff.
  • Fixed a bug where Grand Master Yoda's Masterstroke ability grants Offense Up if used against an enemy leader Poggle the Lesser. Grand Master Yoda's Masterstroke ability should now only grant himself visible buff present on enemies.
  • Sun Fac's "Spiteful Strike" ability deals 15% more damage after the Omega upgrade. Bug fixed where he could potentially deal more than 15%.
  • Fixed a bug with Rey’s reverse lookup when tapping on the Assault Battles: Military Might event but not having reached level 78 to unlock the event.
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