Tanks for Events & Challenges?

Is it worth investing in some tanks just so I can complete the Int gear challenges?

After a week or so at the game, I'm finally starting to get some toons from my shard farming. With my current set up being Phasma, Sid, Daka, JC, Luke - 8 shards away from Dooku & 9 from 5s.

I've consistently been able to breeze past every challenge, all except the Int gear/tanks only challenge.

My only tanks at the moment are an underleveled Chewie and Royal Guard, with Fives hopefully arriving tomorrow or the next day.

I have consistently found myself short on Mk V Int gear when upgrading, so is it worth investing in a couple of tanks so I can complete the challenge? And if yes, then who should I go for?


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    I had the same problem, once u gets 5s you will be fine (obviously needs gear lvls).
  • But yes, invest in characters to complete challenges. The investment is well worth it.
  • Yeah, it's very worth it to level toons to complete them.
  • Invest in Finn he is my hidden gem. Absolutely love him. Hard hitter, stun, expose - not sure why don't people use him
  • Thanks guys, I was liking the idea of Finn, but I've been farming Luke for so long that I haven't actually reached 3-E on cantina - and once I do get there he'll take a while to farm. Hopefully at level 43 I won't have any trouble getting there.

    Fingers crossed that for the moment Chewie, Guard, & Fives will do me fine.
  • Definitely invest. It does not take much.

    I still only have 4 tanks and 3-star it every time: Chewie (54), Teebo (47), Stormtrooper (40), Royal Guard (40). Chewie is the only one I keep geared\leveled up b\c he's on my arena squad.

    Caveat: If I were to auto run it, I would get slaughtered b\c the AI Stormtrooper taunts constantly like a hooting dullard.
  • The gear you get for the Tank challenge is useless. I wouldn't bother as Tanks are also pretty useless barring a few.
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