Guilds and Servers

Hey guys random noobish question.
Im thinking about leaving my guild and possibly joining or starting my own.
If I were to join a new guild, would it switch the server/shard Im on?
Im clearly on a newer one which is advantageous at lvl 68 and being FTP. I flirt with top 100 every day in arena and should crack it within a week.
Id hate to join a new guild and lose my sweet arena spot. Dont want to end up on one of those monster servers/shards I hear about on here

Thanks guys.


  • No you keep your spot On that shard It wont change if you join another Guild.
  • Yup you stay on your shard. So you can join any guild you like or start one for newer players. There are some really good guilds out there with newer players to the game. I'd post an add to look for one of those that's doing a tier raid you are comfortable with. Probably T4 raid if you're under level 70 still. You definitely want to take advantage of the newer server by gaining a higher arena rank. The gained shards are just so useful in the long run.
  • Thanks for the feedback guys! The force was with me when I was assigned a shard. Didnt wanna completely fall to the dark side in search of more guild credits and lose my arena rank.
    Good luck out there I hope you all kill it......unless you see Mil Muertes. Then, 1000 deaths to you! Lol ;)
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