Poe vs Chewie

I'm a F2P player. For now at least. I don't have a whole lot of heroes and now I'm struggling in arena that I've hit lvl 40 and only have Jedi Consular and Talia as healers.

Is one better than the other to focus on leveling and gearing for a tank? Or should I focus on both?


  • Chewy falls off for pvp usefulness around lvl 50 but remains relevant for pve with self heal. Poe and Han have the best taunts in the game for pvp. Poe slows team down and grants expose. Han speeds team up. Both have multi turn taunts.

    There's several forums detailing both of them if do some research, but generally with some exceptions Poe works good with AoE teams and Han with single target. Hope this helps. GL
  • Poe.. easily poe.
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