Any way to fight similar level players?

I'd love a way to fight players of similar level/play length as myself, as right now the arena seems fairly pointless. Almost every other game I have played has had a feature that allows similar level players to compete, otherwise there's no incentive for new players to drop and real money.

I range between rank 1500 and 1100, and every battle option I get, no matter how many refreshes, is 15-20 levels above me. Because of the level disparity, they are able to equip gear 9/10 while I'm stuck on 7 (have the parts for 8, just have to level up).

I do multiple crystal energy refreshes per day and complete every task each day, but it seems like there's just no way to catch up to the top 1000. I certainly don't expect to Crack the top 100 or anything at my spending tier, but right now the arena feels completely pointless. Is there anything I'm missing?


  • So you are level 60 and are competitive with players who are level 80? Because you don't see gear 10 below level 80.

    That doesn't sound accurate. If all the people around you are 15-20 levels ahead of you and have gear 9/10 to your gear 7, you should be attacked by them like nobody's business, and should easily fall hundreds of positions every day.

    There's also no way you can be that far behind if you have been consistently doing energy refreshes. Maybe if you didn't play for a month you could have fallen that far behind. Is there something we're missing?
  • Yes, I figured it out. Issue was i played the first week it was released, decided I didn't want to try to compete in two mobile games at once, and re-downloaded about a month ago. So basically I'm on a shard with people who have been playing since release just about 6 months behind. Level cap and ability to buy raid gear are helping me catch up though (and obviously mods now)
  • I know you don't want to hear it, but if you want a fair playing field against teams that actually synergize with each other, then you'll have to find another game. This game is SWGoH, no balance, random %'s determine everything, and no structure. Just more implementation of alienating the free player base and huge advantages to those who pay. I've never bashed a game for charging people for top end stuff, but these guys are ruthless. You'll get a punch in the gut after you buy something from them.
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