Do you leave the Duke for last?

So most of the time I feel like Dooku is the lowest threat on the enemy team. How do you feel about him?


  • Rogan_Ban84
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    He goes in 2 or 3 hits, I take him first and you should or he can be quite devastating with stuns and counters.
  • I never target dooku first at the start of a fight and will usually leave until the end. I will however target him with stuns or ability locks during a fight when I feel a character can accept a 2x counter with low risk of being destroyed by dooku or the next attack. The last thing I suggest players do is invite opponent dooku to have increased turn meter and double counter damage.

    Don't forget also that an opponents dooku will always do more damage than your own dooku when they are both the same gear and lvl and will gain turn meter.
  • I leave him for last, even when barriss is on the team. He does so little dmg, and his counters can be annoying, so I wait till I just have to deal with him.

    A 7* epic geared dooku is a whole other mater. You want him gone as soon as possible, but don't attack him till you stunned him. He stuns offten, and he pretty much gets 2 attacks to your slow characters 1.

    But under 7* he is no threat
  • I don't think I have faced him at 7* yet. Dayam.
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