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    Been playing since early December and am bored to death now. Sim, and auto daily. I cant even buy my way any higher since gear drops never happen. I have honestly never seen on Droid Caller in shipments and I need a good sized handful of them. Raid rewards? Dont get me going there and we're doing Tier 7 now.

    GW is now full auto
    All daily requirements are sim/auto
    Raids, the guild all has to take turns

    What do we get? Nerfs and new characters we cant gear up even if we spend the money to get them.
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    It has a few weak spots but my son and I play my account together and really enjoy it. Have done since the game first appeared.

    We insist on doing it all f2p and as such it gives us a good challenge to upgrade our characters. We are just building our fourth 7* and because we like so many of the ones we own the highest level we have is 66. So I wouldn't know what it feels like to auto play the GW and simply win, in fact we have never won and only get to the third last battle by exhausting our entire collection of 54 characters.

    If it's that crap or you feel the need to spend lots of real life $ to justify your rank why do you bother playing?
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    It's always good seeing posts like this. +1000
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    just going to totally edit this reply...

    They changed it for an in-game reason too I'm sure, its possible there were less and less people were completing Galactic War because it was too tedious for the amount of rewards given and decided it was in need of a change

    If by tedious you mean it was the only challenging thing in this game with the best rewards then I Agree. All you needed was a good A team and a decent B team and it could be done every time. Not being rude and I understand it took awhile but at least it wasn't a push the auto button. Until now

    I guess you never had to deal with meta teams from node 4 onward?
    It took way too long for minimal rewards

    Yeah I did and it was the most challenging thing in the game. I liked it. Don't really like pushing the auto button to play a game

    I would be fine with the time if the rewards were better. If they just made it double I'd be fine with the previous difficulty.
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    I'm farming holo projectors right now to craft furnaces. Every time I get one the software does a quick kind of buffer and I will not hit another for probably another 8 times minimum. Also farming Ray and I was 3 shards from 5 star and she mysteriously disappears from guild shop for 3 days. **** is so obvious EA. I'll keep playing though cause I'm addicted.

    whining or not whining ? Title of the thread is "Rigged software"


    Haha. Just pointing out the obvious bud. You must of missed the humor in the thread at the end. Sorry you couldn't figure that out on your own

    First of all, yes it was funny. I thought you would understand the irony of my post. Since many people have posted the same thing as you while being serious.

    Then if you wanna make fun of my lack of intelligence make sure to spell correctly so you can have more impact.
    Finally if you wanna be more productive why don't you give your opinion on the following.
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    I never played a mobile game this much time as i play swgoh. Its just a fun game, its pretty hard to improve yourself and i like that and its a game where you don't have to just swipe right or left or press one button all the time. Awesome game

    Yup, it is definitely a good game otherwise we would not be playing it anymore.
    Players are entitled to share their opinion, good or bad. Do not put people in a box : whiners or fanboys because they give some feedback. If someone is passionate enough to take the time to post on the forum they deserve some respect. Even if we might disagree.

    Good points :
    - I love GW changes, faster and easier.
    - Rotation of Raid gear in shipment (Droid callers and such).
    - There are a lot more events lately (Empire event, Female char event, Force champion event).
    - Anakin rework is a good thing, hope he brings balance to the force.

    Negative points :

    - Many, many bugs : Devour bug, Teebo bugs, Dumb AI, Yoda masterstroke still bugged.
    - Misleading information in events and wide RNG based rewards. (From 28k to 500k for FCEvent).
    - Misleading information in Raid Rewards, i finished 1st or 2nd in 24 raids got 3 basic fully crafted pieces, 0 furnace and such. High chance or the best chance can not be less than 13%.
    - Misleading information on both rancor boost packs.
    Even if those info are being corrected, there is a pattern here.

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    This game is a grind... and that is exactly what I enjoy the most about it!
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