A guild leader's request

Can we please get a little more guild management functionality? I would kill a family member to get:
  • Guild Message of the Day
  • Raid Damage History
  • Membership Blocking
  • All the individual member's stats on one screen (think spreadsheet)
  • List all members on raid damage, not just the ones that have gone.

That is all, currently I have folks in all different time zones, passing along information and ensuring everyone is getting the message is impossible, hence, Guild Message of the Day

Raid Damage History...basically...I want to make sure my guys are improving, if they aren't I want to be able to find out why.

Membership Blocking, I keep my invites open, if I kick someone I don't want them to just rejoin...but I don't want to miss a great candidate because I was at work and couldn't accept them to the guild before someone else picks em up.

One page stats...it's just a pain trying to go through each member to see who is doing the best in each category....currently I make a spreadsheet but keeping it updated is very time consuming, especially because I take an active hand in maintaining active membership in my guild.

List all members on raid damage list...I just want to find out who hasn't gone so I can keep track of who's participating without having to write down 40-47 names then cross reference them against the total guild list. Again, anything that saves me time is AWESOME!

That's it. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Guild Leader, Insomnia


  • I'm not a guild leader, but these are some really great suggestions. Hopefully they'll fine their way to the development team.
  • +1
  • You could close invitations and promote a few officers. That way they could accept requests while you are working. We tried open invites briefly, but too many low level players were sneaking in.

    I would like to see the rancor's health visible as a percentage on the raid screen. It's a pain to have to take a team into the raid to find out what the % is.
  • Czert
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    Great ideas, hope they will implement them soon.
  • I would defently add a private chat channel for leader and officers...
  • Tangra
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  • +1 sounds like basic guild functionality is still missing
  • Youthv2
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    There is an MOD on guild page.
    Stats sheet is a good idea.
    Damage history is a good one too.
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  • yes please. why can a player rejoin the same guild that just booted them. We are trying to shed weight at the bottom to strengthen our guild, and the last two we kicked have rejoined. This is a bad feature.
  • yes please. why can a player rejoin the same guild that just booted them. We are trying to shed weight at the bottom to strengthen our guild, and the last two we kicked have rejoined. This is a bad feature.

    You can increase the lvl requirement for joining your guild to make it so the lower lvl players can't rejoin
  • Couldn't say it better Excellent job Thebus. Need to addressed soon. Makes for better communication in guild. They also need to fix: when you look at a guild members inventory and back out it brings you all the way back to home screen. Then you got to go all the back to look at another's inventory. Very time consuming.
  • Does anyone know why on a raid all of your members can be fighting at the same time. So now each hit is counting 5/1 or 10/1. So if ten members are fighting at the same time. 10 of members hits counts for one hit or if it even counts at all.
  • Jaycd1
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    That's so well said. The manage section is awful. Sorry but I don't have an Eidetic memor, so how am I suppose to compare the stats of my members if I have to keep switching pages. And even if I could remember. The next page doesn't start with the member I checked off. I have to scroll and find him again. Oh and why the hell do I get booted to the home screen after I check someone's inventory? Seriously, ****? The message of the day board is a brilliant idea, I would definitely bury my GF alive to get that. I'm not joking, I have a shovel ready.
  • I agree especially with the message of the day, hell I'd even take a message of the week. It's a pain to try and get everyone in the guild to hear the news. When I threw a mutiny in my last guild I had to keep repeating myself throughout the day, that would have saved me so much time and I wouldn't have left members behind who didn't get the memo.
  • +1
  • OmarFPG
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    Great ideas / suggestions.
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  • Good ideas Thesbus, I think you are on the right track to make the game easier to manage.
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