Has anyone received compensation from EA for lost rewards?

I am curious if anyone who has documented that they were not rewarded properly, whether it be shards or actual characters, if they received compensation from EA?

I won a 4 star Poggle the Lesser character from a Bronzium card but it never unlocked in the character screen. When I contacted customer service it was clear that they didn't even read about the issue I was contacting them about. Eventually all they told me was there was nothing they could do and to post on the forums. It wasn't even clear if they would notify anyone of the problem. With most games, and companies, when I receive such obviously poor customer service I just delete the game and move on, but I really am enjoying this game and am tempted to spend money on it. Now that I am aware of the issue, I'm taking screen shots of all my winnings that are important to me. But this leads me back to my original question, if even with proof, has EA made good? Have you been able to get past the first tier of useless customer service and deal with anyone that can actually do something?

I want to be an informed customer and know what sort of company I'm dealing with.

Thank you for your replies.


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