Leveling through the 50s

So the further into the 50s I get the harder I'm finding it to keep characters leveled. I'm doing everything available except the keycards (what's the point of these? Why would I burn 50 energy for just a few training droids?) and I can't keep my main 6 or 7 characters leveled let alone level some AWESOME PULLS I've gotten in the last couple weeks. I've got Leia, Poggle, Old Ben, Old Daka, Qui-gon, and Kit Fisto sitting around at level 1.

I also can't keep all my main character leveled fully as my player level increases. I started falling behind around 51. Is that just kind of the way it is and I should be looking forward to 60 and finally getting some room to breathe? Or are there tricks to focusing on getting more training droids at the expense of other things?


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    I don't get what people have against key card battles. For 200 crystals I ended up with 600k from the profit mining Keycard battle. I haven't done the training droid one, but my main issue right now at level 54 is the lack of training droids. So if I can do the droid Keycard battle 6 times for 200 crystals then surely it's worth it? How many droids do you get for one completion?
  • The keycard battles are actually somewhat useful if you have trouble getting enough training droids. IIRC you get only 4* and 5* droids training droids, and you get enough to easily level up 50+ characters at least once if not two or three times if you use all droids on them at once.
  • I max 5heroes, -2 3heroes, -5 2heroes for mission. 5 tank at early 40. 5 dd mid 40.

    Only completed gw at 52 after unlocked lumi & daka. Never fail since then.

    When I ding at 60, I have 2.5m worth of credit droid. I have enough shard to 7* sid & lumi but I still hold on to it.

    Unlock vader at 60, lvl him to 40, still have 500k.

    1 buy training droid for 60 crystal once. Key card once. I think it was the day I unlock daka.

    My conclusion is, complete gw daily, recharge cantina once, mission twice.
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