The Skywalker lightsaber

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Anakin then Luke then Rey.

So how did the blade change color?

Was clearly Cyan in A New Hope.

Was clearly Azul in the prequels.

Was clearly Azul in Ep. VII.


  • Allenb60
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    Well that is the order they made the movies in, isn't it? A New Hope -> the prequels -> The Force Awakens,
    but Luke should still have his green light saber, the one he uses in Episode VI, I thought he lost the blue one in cloud city from falling down the space chute Darth Maul style and made his new one
  • He did, and he probably still does (maybe we'll see in VIII). The one Rey has is the one someone (improbably) found at the bottom of the shaft in Bespin (Cloud City). And yes, it's called VFX circa 1977-1981 vs. VFX circa 2016. If Lucas had ILM back then, he'd... well, y'all saw the remastered OT. Full o' CGI monsters and slug-crawling, Han-harassing Hutts 'n' stuff. The lightsabers probably would've looked like those overpriced, neon tubes they used to sell at Spencer's. (I can't hate, I bought three.) Thank god they had to be poor and honest in those days, pioneering the industry with sweat, trash cans, and oh so much talent.

    Have you picked up your box of Rancor Kibbles yet? ;)
  • Timitock
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    With effects as they are now, they could match the original cyan.
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