Newer player. Got a notification I cant clear...

Hi! I have only been playing a week, and I have a noobish question. I have a notification on my characters that I simply cannot clear from the home page. I have been through all my characters left and right and cant find anything to upgrade, craft or level up...but the notification is persistent. It is just a 1 with a circle around it.

Just wondering if anyone in the community has had this same issue? I play on an iPhone 6s Plus.



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    It's because somewhere in your gear, very possibly in a higher gear than you can reach at your level, is something that can be made for an upgrade. Just learn to live with it because chances are that 1 will turn into a 3 very soon. Everyone has to deal with this and yes it is annoying.
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    Just ignore it. Like Oklahoma Kid said, it will soon be a 3+. Don't be too concerned with getting rid of it, it may lead you to lvl up characters and abilities you don't really need. You will get used to it eventually.
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