Need help, darkside missions

Hey all I'm trying to figure out some healer options. I have old daka almost level 7 gear and she's lvl 58. Talia lvl 55 but lvl 7 gear but they don't seem to be able to keep my team alive. I generally run count/Sid/RG/GS, all but the RG are 5-6 stars and gear around lvl 6-7


  • Any suggestions for healers? Or groups so I can push and finish these dark side missions?
  • Which mission are you stuck on?
  • I'm last mission on 5, it's more of keeping everyone alive
  • Doug
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    Dark side is less about healing than killing them faster than they can injure you.

    I would suggest unlocking Phasma with your GW tokens, Phasma lead, RG tanks, GS dps, Daka stuns, heals and rezzes. Use dooku for 2nd dps I guess.
  • Thanks I'll try that. I just got phasma to 7*
  • Do you need to finish that stage? Basically, the only reason I complete LS/DS nodes is because I need gear that you cannot farm at lower stages. There's no real point in completing stages simply because they are open to you. Even with a mediocre 4-star Talia and no Daka I have had no problem getting the gear I needed.
  • There are better secondary rewards farming the higher nodes such as credits and training droids plus u use less sim tickets
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