Seven T5 training Droids for 60 Crystals?

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I can't help myself, but I immediately feel like I got screwed.

Occasionally I'll save my refreshes for the keycard battles which are very fruitful but then I'm losing a lot of shard/gear potential for the day.

What to do...


  • It's not that bad of a deal. Really useful for a just unlocked toon.
  • well... I think the shipments store is a bit like a minimart those things that are maybe a little bit high priced but there for convenience, I mean 150 crystals for 3 shards is a high price but I'll bite if it means promoting a character possibly days sooner, in my case I shaved 4 days off promoting my Tie pilot by purchasing his shards, but that's because he is so unobtainable atm. You might have to do 2 droid keycard battles to get the equivalent of those in the store, which would not be worth 100 energy but worth 50 crystals for the recharge, yes. Its sort of an in between option I guess, plus they don't drop random amounts its a set in stone amount which is also why they cost more.
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    I think it's a fair deal. It's quite a big xp boost but you don't really need it eventually. If you only level and gear a certain core you can do with the normal droids you get.
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