QGJ or ST HAN/Royal guard ?

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Who should get my MK 7 Nubian salvage St han or QGJ?


Phasma (L) ( Gear 10)
QGJ (Gear 10)
ST han (Gear 9)
Royal guard (Gear 9)
Gs (Gear 10)

St han or QGJ/Royal guard?
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  • QGJ doesn't really need the extra potency and, IIRC, doesn't have any open gear spots at XI. I'd think that getting ST Han or RG up another gear level would be a lot more beneficial. They need the protection and potency more than QGJ.
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    St Han gains the most from the scanner. He's relative easy to max 11 after gear IX. RG needs another scanner at X. QGJ, is potent enough to wait.
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