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Hey everyone! I'm newish to SWGOH and would like some helpful tips and some best characters. I'm only at lvl 48 so yeah... Not that great yet! Can you guys help me?


  • you are welcomed to join us on our line group where we discuss strategies. add me at joshmayer
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    Take time in each battle to study the applied buffs and debuffs. Know your toons and know your enemies.
  • Don't spend any money: All of the most valuable characters are FTP.

    Don't go for a deep roster: Unless things change dramatically, there's no value to it. GW is a cakewalk now that requires only a bare bones A-team with a couple of j.i.c. backup scrubs if one A-teamer happens to die. T7 raid is so low HP that you will only get one run at it anyhow, and you need one max damage team to do that.

    Read the forums: If you see a "MegaThread" complaining about a character or a game concept, make that your goal. See those megathreads on Dooku, Rey, and Dodge? That's what you want to chase.

    Chase the meta - ALWAYS: There is no room for unique squads if you want to excel. Cad Bane is your favorite character from the SW universe? Swallow that down and forget it. You need to focus on the truly fascinating characters from Star Wars: Royal Guard and Genosian Soldier. Didn't you remember that time when the Genosian Soldier took out Qui Gon Jin, Old Ben, and Mace Windu in an epic battle on Tattoine?

    Stifle the urge to complain: If you make any suggestion on the forums, you will be labeled a noob who needs to L2P (learn to play).

    Ask for advice with caution: You never know how many jaded folks who will happen upon your thread! :)
  • Wow okay! Thanks for all thT
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    sad, but true
  • Don't always chase the top ranking in your guild. You definitely don't want to be one of those moochers who puts 10 energy into a daily activity or makes one lousy effort at the raid and then benefits way more than the work you did should justify; but understand the effort-vs-payout, especially for each daily guild activity, and respond accordingly. For instance, it's probably not worth dropping 300+ crystals on normal energy refreshes to jump from #9 to #3 on the "hard battles" guild activity (especially if it's not helping the guild move up to the next completion level), if that runs you out of credits so you drop to a lower tier on arena rankings or can't afford to do a cantina refresh that day.

    Best characters are the ones that you will have the most fun playing, and which don't kill your soul to farm for six weeks straight, because the game is far more about enjoyment than just powering up the rankings regardless of your level of fun.......j/k!! @ECovenantII is right - the best ones for a strong team, regardless of what you'd like or what the SW franchise should logically indicate, are probably the same ones you see on all the top 10 teams, that everybody's throwing a fit over. And you'll always fear that the moment you finally get them maxed and ready to add to your arena squad, they'll be nerfed or a shinier, deadlier character will suddenly be released and you'll spend a day banging your head on your desk (as I fear right now while pursuing Rey and Leia).
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