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hey all
i thought sid's healing block skill blocks all healing, but i see barris's healing can bypas his heal block, or is it a bug? i know barris actually does a % of all live toons in the match balance, at least thats how i understand it.


  • CronozNL
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    The equalize is not a heal. It's a percentage based redistribution of health points. If that would be blocked as well, the equalization wouldn't do anything and the skill becomes only a 2.5% heal afterwards which CAN be blocked by the healing immune. I.o.w. it's working as intended.
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    Barriss equalizes all toons HP. If a toon has less than average health, it will look like a heal.

    Also, this has been asked dozens of times. Please look around the forums a little. Just search for "heal" or "Barriss" and you'll see...
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    oh ok cool, so thats why barris is so valuable, and most prefer her above lumi, but i do see she doesnt hit hard, so ya that ballances her perfectly.
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    A heal block is a heal block, nothing else. Equalize, or whatever, is healing your heros and nothing else.
    Btw.: I just fight 4d dark (hard) and Barriss was the last one with heal block. Her heal didn't work.
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