Aayla Secura event seems bugged

The Aayla Secura event seems to be skimping on the rewards. I'm only getting the minimal, roughly 1-2 character shards, per victory after each battle.


  • Are you new to this game? Because ridiculously stingy rewards are the norm.
  • The event description states you can get 1 - 5 shards per victory.
  • OnJouney
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    It's interesting that I always get a better reward in the tier 2 then I do in tier 3 :
  • Timitock
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    Did we really need another thread about this?
  • It's not possible rewards for one fight it's possible rewards if you spend 650 crystals and do it seven times
  • I did notice the stun on my Leia persisted through rounds

    Still won of course
  • Yes, this event is bugged. Sometimes I get 150K+ credits and 5 shards for one and like 2 for another character and sometimes I only got 50K and only like 3 shards for one character for finishing the same hardest stage (without resets).
  • I've gotten either 1, 2, or 5 shards per event try, and credit rewards ranging from 20k ~ 120k the tier level seems to have no relationship to the amount of reward you get.
    However, this morning I swear I got 7 JKG shards as a Tier 3 reward. Can anyone confirm this is possible? I also am running a fever and don't trust what I saw.
  • I got 6 Aayla shards on tier 2 a couple days ago. It's usually been 1-2, though. I think maybe 2 of one and 1 of another once.
  • Tier 3, sorry. And that's the first time since the first day that I got Aayla shards on tier 3.
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