Dark Side Hard Mode 6-b

Anyone have a good strat for this?
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  • rotam
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    if you have troubles in DS hard, just pick up daka and talia. All you need is some healing
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    That's currently where I am. My strongest darkside is Phasma, talia, dooku, daka, vadar.

    Not using sid as ally ones are far higher level.

    My issue is daka and talia only being 4* , so need to level them up a bit before I attempt.
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    Only 2 starred it myself. Need to survive the first round of Ewok scout crits which is tough with daka only 4 star if they focus her. Need some luck to ability block or stun the elder to drop heals and revives too. The special where he helps everyone 6k health and revives everyone is horrible...
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    As I just said in a thread titled the same.

    Stun or ability block the elder so he cant rez and focus the ewoks

    I used sid, Vader, bane, daka, boba
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    I used Sid, Dooku, Vader, Daka and Maul and borrowed a phasma 5*

    As said above, stun all the things. And use vader's ability block unless 3+ debuffs on a target. Focus elder and if you land a stun move to a new target and keep stun/block up as much as possible. Use your non stunning characters/turns to kill those already stunned.

    You shouldn't need too many heals if you're holding control down. Daka will be enough as long as she's 4* or more with gear V or higher.
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