Feature Suggestion: Ally Skirmishes

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Just wanted to suggest something I'd love to see in this game.

I enjoy playing GoH, but like many others, get bummed when I'm "done" for the day. We're on limited time when playing this - eventually energy runs out, our Galactic War is complete, we've spent our Arena fights and our Challenges are done. Without spending money to keep playing, we're essentially "done" for the day.

Many people have asked for more to do when all of these tasks are complete, and I agree 100%. It would be great to have free, reward-less things to do to kill time.

So, here's one idea:

I would love to see the ability to challenge my friends on my Ally list to simple PvP skirmishes.

This would be no different than a regular Squad Arena match, in that their team would be piloted by the AI. So, why would this be a cool feature to have? Well, I can't tell you how many times we theory-craft how fights between specific builds would pan out. We talk all the time about how one build holds up against another, how things change offense to defense, how some comps are unusable against other comps, etc etc etc

It would be AWESOME to just be able to simulate this with my friends all day as much as we wanted. The process would be something like having a section called "Skirmishes" where we would enter and "set" our line-up. Ideally, we could set a line-up for offense AND for defense, so while we skirmish against people others can skirmish us at the same time and fight the team we designate as our team on defense. There would be no lockouts here because we wouldn't be fighting for spots, meaning people could fight you at the same time as you fighting them. Why not? We aren't fighting for anything - no rewards to be had here but the fun of playing!

Additionally, why not add the ability to skirmish a random team? Just click "Find Battle" and bam, you're off! No need to tie us down to our same ol' same ol' PvP battles we fight all day every day against the same people. We get to explore the world! Fight completely new people! Engage in battles, ALL DAY LONG IF WE WANT because these are free and endless! They're just for fun practice skirmishes, against teams people assign SPECIFICALLY TO DEFENSE so we don't waste time crushing teams made for Offensive purposes. (They win games but are not designed to hold the fort - they're mostly for sniping and just moving forward.)

This would make the game a lot more rewarding for me and it adds absolutely no new rewards. It just lets me play the game, with my FRIENDS, as much as I want, the way we want to. It lets us interact with each other in a whole new way. It creates a community we can actually participate in. And it honestly makes my Ally list feel a whole lot more important, because right now... the Ally list is pretty boring.

While you're at it too, please increase our Ally count for this, that'd be great. Even if it's just to 50, 35 is too small.

Anyhow, that's my idea. Ally Skirmishes. I think it'd be really great.

Thanks for reading!
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