Easy fix to the nightmare that is 'auto attack'

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After you have selected your team in the character selection menu, another "Tactics Menu" appears. Here you see all five characters with their abilities in a column next to them.

Next to the abilities is a simple 'arrow up or down' This sets the order for which they will use their abilities.

The order is 'top to bottom' so there isn't even a need for numbers (it's spatial and visual, less clutter on screen)

I am very confident this adjustment would make your game vastly more enjoyable.

There are other options that have been suggested like: 'Second auto-attack default mode' 'have character only use X when Y occurs' and you could get very deep with my above suggestion by adding a team queue (all the abilities in one queue) or sliders for abilities with match parameters...

Ex: Leia uses stealth when below: [25%] [50%] [75%] health

Ex: FOTP uses 'Gun Down': [default] [only with advantage]

EX: Dooku targets: [default] [healer] [damage] [low health]

So Devs and fellow players, what do we think?

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