**** is the point of evasion?

I know what the point is SUPPOSED to be but it simplY isn't in this game. I run Ahsoka as leader-6 star, level 60, VII gear and lol 6 leader skill. I haven't evaded an attack in 6 matches despite running with JC (6*) Lumi (5*) Talia (6*) and Asajj (6*) all of whom have elite gear and are level 60. So what is the point? Is evasion simple broken?


  • Impossible or, maybe, just bad luck.. A minute ago i've tested Asoka leadership in a cantina battle in a team with Lumi, Consular, Talia ,Ventress and an allied Anakin.. The evasion works, not as sidious' evasion against jedys, but it works..
  • Cantina, GW and normal battles aren't at issue - PVP is. Just had another evasionless match vs a team with 3k less power led by 4* phasma teamed with kylo, Dooku, Sid and lumi.
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    I just fought a Lumni led team with Ahsoka and she dodged like 4 out of seven attacks ^.^
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    **** it...I give up. If anyone wants an acct PM me.
  • Lol a weak acc like that..no one wants it...btw, ashoka is nowhere near good as many people talk about her...try Ima gun Di as a leader..works way better than ashoka...
  • Could also try dooku, his evasion plus turn meter boosts have worked well for me
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