Luminara - Galactic War and beyond.

Okay so two things.

One - I have her at 7 stars. Her skills are maxed. If I lead with her I never dodge or deflect 80% of the time. When I play against someone else leading with her I can go through every heal I have 2 or 3 times and by then my toons are dead because I cannot hit them. At all. Ever. Even if this worked for me it would be boring. (Also keep in mind that if they aren't Jedi then her teammates should only get 6.5% evasion. Not 90%.)

Two - even when the enemy is not leading with Luminara or another toon that grants evasion, Luminara still can't hit the side of a friggin' barn. I have to use her for her heal. but having her in there is almost as detrimental to my offense as Barriss, whom I also use for her heals and health but her offense is like throwing a tissue at someone.

Whats the deal man???


  • Dodge rate is granted to ai player
  • Yeah her ability block is actually 100% when maxed but it maybe works like 30% of time unlike Dooku 100% counter that works 100% of the time.
    Just know that AI defense cheats a bit now which is OK to make it more of a challenge for superior Human attackers. If developers write a better AI intelligence then you'll see those cheats fall a bit I suspect. But for now it's only way defense can compete.
  • Percentage boosts for AI on all their skills/rolls. I believe they have a built in damage boost, too. It's most noticeable on dodges and multi-attack skills, as those are the most frustrating when you get spammed over the head with them.

    Just gotta roll with it.
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