Guild Hopping ... update?

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Hi there,
It isn't cool to see that fair playing guilds got no chance .. Lot of players are a little bit frustrated about this situation because we all know thats impossible to reach 3.400 Points in Guild-ranking without doing hopping.. Sorry, must be said.

What about the cooldown timer on players who leave a Guild or the maximum of 30,000 Guild Bank Currency. Or the Raid rosters that refresh every 24 hours from when the Raid was launched ...?
When will the update come? Would be great to see it working soon ...


  • LeopoldStotch
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    let me Quote the "MASTER" of Instinkt

    997 POSTS MEMBER May 28, 2016 8:36AM
    Congrats from us in Team Instinct! You guys did it. We regret not considering guild hopping earlier and we sincerely nod our heads in respect at you guys blowing ahead of us in the last week or two utilizing this system. It's a lot of work.
    Don't let the naysayers take any thunder from your victory - you won fair and square. We know it, plenty of other competitive people know it (even if they don't admit it) and you should be proud of the win. There will be no asterisk in the SWGOH history books on who won this, it will always only ever be you.
    Until next time!"

    >> We regret not considering guild hopping earlier <<

    Now they do, they found a way to f*** it up, use it till it breaks and they seem to be proud about it.

    I won't bring more personal notes to this, as this wouldn't be nice words.
  • Czert
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    What is exactly guild hopping ? I have some idea, but not completly sure.
  • Dgreaser
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    Peolele going from guild to guild to maximize rewards.
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