Addressing Guild Hopping and the Raid Rewards Issue

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First up, our apologies for the delay in communication regarding this topic. One of the biggest challenges in resolving this issue revolves around finding a solution that we could implement that did not require Client work. Had we needed to do any Client work, we would not have been able to address this issue until late-July/early-August. Once we had identified the most flexible solutions, we needed to build and test them.

Our initial plan was to release these fixes on our server last week. However, during the development process, we found several issues that delayed our deployment schedule. As it stands, with the two fixes we are working on, one is ready to be released (and will go live today, 06.23). The second fix continues to need additional testing and work, so it has a tentative release window within the next two weeks.

So, what are the two fixes and how will they affect you?

The fix that will go live later today (06.23) is a limit to how much Guild Bank Currency can be earned by a Guild in a single 24-hour period (it currently resets when Guild Activities roll over the Guild Leader's reset occurs). Your Guild Currency total cap still remains at 150,000. As it currently stands, players can swap alt characters in and out of their Guild to accrue a never ending stream of Currency. With this fix, all Guild Bank Currency earned past the 30,000 mark daily will not be credited to the Guild.

Additionally, the next fix that will roll out a little later will be a restriction on how players can receive Guild Raid Rewards. Any player who receives Guild Raid Rewards and then leaves that Guild will be ineligible to receive any Guild Raid Rewards for approximately 26-30 hours after joining the new Guild. You can still change Guilds, and you can still participate in that Raid, but instead of receiving gear and/or shards, players affected by the reward lockout will only receive the currency earned for their participation rank.

Furthermore, leaving a Guild before a Raid is completed will continue to function as it always has, in that you will not receive rewards for a Guild you are no longer a part of. Should rejoin that same Guild before the Raid expires, you will be under the reward lockout timer. If the Raid completes before your timer has expired, you will not receive equipment or shards, but only currency. If the Raid completes after your lockout timer has expired, you will receive your full rewards for the rank you earned.

Players who remain in their Guild will be unaffected by a lockout.

These fixes were not meant to take so long to deploy, and we apologize for the delay. That said, it was important that we took the time to ensure that we had the right solutions to the issue and that they were adequately implemented and tested.

Finally, please understand these are the most efficient fixes that we can deploy WITHOUT a Client update. We will continue to make changes to address this issue and we feel there is still more work to do. Going forward, we will monitor player behavior and feedback, and continue to push updates that address this issue.

Thank you for your patience regarding this issue.

Edit: Fixed an incorrect statement about rollover times.
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