Force Wielders

The leader just kicked out the top guys of the guild because they were too powerful. That is the dumbest idea ever. We had a hard tIme enough with level 6 of the raids. So what does the leader do keep co out the strong guys so he can have a chance to finish top 3 in the raids that is just dumb and selfish. Anyways if you part of that guild you can join mine Aleks's Force Wielders


  • That's a call I believe leader can take for benefit of the entire guild. If there are couple of strong guys, they will rule every raid.
    Since raid rewards are not fair, all the guild members do not benefit so much.
  • But the problem is those top players added so much currency to the guild that it made the guild stronger by allowing more raids hence giving more chances of items to lower level members of the guild
  • I am no guild leader, but as a guild member I can contribute only 600 token a day. It doesn't matter how strong I am. And EA is rolling out a change, that will resist some wrong means through will guilds were acquiring money.
  • Nodoon
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    Kind of harsh kicking them. Probably would have better to ask the ones that were dominating the board to slow down in raids a bit. This game is all about the strong getting stronger. If you are behind it is very difficult to catch up because the top damage will get the best rewards, making them that much better. But it is not that big a deal really.
  • Ya, thats true. That is the worst part of Raids in this game.
    I used to play Marvels Quest of Champions before, and when they started the Raid, it was 10 times better than what is here. But the game was otherwise quite time taking, and if you don't open your wallet, then you can never compete with the P2P, so eventually decided to leave it.

    Saying that, its the smaller players who should choose to leave and form a group in which they can progress collectively. Otherwise they will only get frustrated.
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