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Hey Everyone,

Let’s take a minute to discuss the recent exploit where a number of players were able to obtain additional Raid rewards.

On Thursday, June 23rd, 1,271 players took advantage of an exploit that allowed them to claim Raid rewards three or more times in a 90 minute window during a server glitch. The majority of these players are having their accounts suspended as we remove the additional rewards they obtained, while the most egregious offenders are being permanently banned. We are not planning on taking action on the ones who only did it a second time (which is 3,863). Why? Because we think those were a legitimate mistake. Whereas three or more times is being viewed as an exploit. It is subjective, but that’s where we’re drawing the line.

We will be taking the following actions against accounts that claimed multiple Raid rewards:
  • Accounts that received multiple rewards suspended - You will still see them in game and it will appear as though they’ve kept everything, but they aren’t actually playing the game, they’re locked out. Players who claimed the extra rewards a small number of times aren’t suspended currently, but will be and will have their items removed once the bigger exploiters are taken care of first.
  • Extra rewards will be removed - While it is true that we can’t as easily take back credits or gear that have been spent, what we can do is lower certain things down. Example: if someone took all of their extra credits and gear and applied them to Royal Guard, we are taking away ALL gear from that Royal Guard and bumping them back down to 2 stars.
  • Additional Han Solo shards will be removed - Those Han Solo characters received from the extra Raid rewards you see floating around will be removed, although they’ll still be visible on suspended accounts. We will be removing the shards that were acquired through the extra rewards and lowering Han back down to 5 star for those that already had him unlocked, including all gear that was equipped on him. Players that first acquired Han Solo through the extra rewards will be banned permanently.
  • 7 Star Darth Vader lowered to 4 Star – players who acquired additional shards for Darth Vader through the old Achievement exploit will have shards taken away and their Darth Vader lowered down to 4 star (the star level he unlocks at). This will not be immediate and will be an ongoing process, so if you see a 7 Star Vader in arena be sure to report them to CG_LucifersDaddy

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