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I believe this game has a lot of potential. Something that EA does fairly poorly is take input from customers and focus on overpricing small content.

Yes this is a Star Wars game and will unfortunately demand a little more money than the content is actually worth.

I suggest that this forum be allowed a sub forum or category for feedback and suggestions. I am sure the development team has many great ideas. I would like to note however in the past and even current time of development and ESPECIALLY with mobile development the ideas can run stale or counter productive to what the community likes.

Clash of Clans is a great example. They did not want to accept feedback and shed a huge amount of players recently (I had quit a while back so I personally don't know all of the changes but have read articles and posts regarding the issues).

Some advice. Don't be blinded by money! You already have packs that are extremely overpriced riding the coat tails of VII. Make sure that the packs are reasonably priced and you will make a whole lot more on small sales than a few large sales.

Anyways I apologize for any poor formatting, grammer, or punctuation. I am on a phone and will not be home soon enough to make this post on a computer.

I hope that this is reviewed and considered as I do believe there is a lot of potential for this game. Share plans and suggestions and let your community tell you if it is a good idea or not.
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