Enough with the GW dodging

Since when is it fair for a level 74 toon to have %100 dodging against a whole squad of lvl 80 7*? I just fought a Savage that dodged everything I threw at him, damaged though he was, and then one shot my full life Sidious! Gee, do you think maybe it has something to do with the fact I'm on my 10th, and EA isn't fond of their F2P players making any progress?!!! This game is becoming more and more a cash grab every day I play it. Think I'll take my dollies 'n' go home.

"Didn't spend any money on us? Don't let the door hit you on the way out !"


  • Welcome to the forum. Dodge is the same for F2P and P2P. I had Ben stand alone on node 6 he was maxed vs my rebel team unloading on him. He dodged long enough that he was able to use mind tricks 3 times during that 4-1. We all feel the dodge pain. Sadly it is not a bug or glitch, despite it bugging many.
  • In a game striving to "speed up game play" the current dodge system is counter to it.. slows the game way down inho.
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  • Yeah... rereading my post days later, I realize it was a bit of a knee **** reaction. I do still feel that there is some imbalance in the evasion values placed on the opponent toons, especially six or more nodes in, but I realize the bugs and issues topic isn't really the place for my gripe. That's more for immediate emergent issues than to jump on complaint bandwagons. Speaking of, this is no place either for me to air my opinions on the devs agendas regarding p2p. I still stand by my statements, but I made them literally in the heat of battle and I apologize to the powers that be, and all you fans reading the forums, for falling into the same trap social media has opened all over the net: using the public environment to spout angered sentiments to any and all, whether you asked me to or not. I usually don't do that sort of thing. Don't know what came over me. Feel free to move this thread off-topic. (Where my humorous post on Rancor Kibbles languishes like a prisoner in an oubliette.)

    Think I'll go by a diary and confine my grumpy rantings to its secret little pages.
  • I think that since about 3 days ago, the GW at its last 1-2 levels has become redculously overbalanced. When you have your maxed out characters combined with my characters inexplicable inability to score a hit on anyone several times IN A ROW makes this no longer strategic, but very frustrating. Unless you make it somewhat possible to score a victory, what is the point of playing your game at all?
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