Alternate Appearances/Costumes/Abilities

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Hello fellow Sith and Jedi,

My proposal for the game would be the ability to have alternate costumes/abilities. I am using the example of an ARPG "Marvel Heroes" for this topic.

A style I believe would be to allow a character to have a sub section where each alt could be leveled individually of the main character. This would be done by going to the character selection menu and upgrading, then selecting which variant to upgrade. If this is not possible then allow that unit to select the costume for which to apply. The same shard system or a new system could be created for this purpose.

For example the clone trooper could have an alternate with the 501st or other popularized clone units. Possibly a war torn trooper or clone from Kashyyk for appearance alone.

I don't believe the alternate appearances should have a major performance/skill impact on the game but simply add more flavor to the game. It would be cool to see alternate attack/abilities for the skins as well.

Possibly variant boosts and abilities for leadership as well. For example a team could be made of just clones with a Jedi leader would have a special buff.

Just an idea with this "formation" the clones would have a 5% defense and would require that all initial damage would go to the clones before the Jedi would take damage. If this seems to OP for PVP then it would also be fine just seeing something like this in PVE. I do feel however that we should see a bit more customization and options for the game. PVP top spots should be more of a challenge. Yesterday I was 17k plus by last night I was 3k or 2k on the LB.

The shards could come from a specific completion of challenges (maybe all missions with CIS in them done @3* would have a Covert Ops Trooper skin?).

Anyways I loom forward to hearing other suggestions and ideas to compliment or alter this. This is just my personal ideas on what could be so no flaming please.
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