Looking for my Shard, Coots, NSC Chris, Jebola Ddpl, Onizuka, Rauk, Amkidd, etc.

Hey Guys, I'm Guilherme and just wanted to say hi to the peeps in my server!


  • Tom777
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    Hi Guilerme ;-) Tom777
  • Hi, Tom. How are things there for you? Lately it's always new people in the top 20. Sorry for my English, I'm from Brazil.
  • Tom777
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    Things are going quite fine as I manage to finish top 3 nowadays. You ve been in the recent past untouchable on top 1. Isn't it?
    Who are your opponent in you time zone?
    Nice talking with you :)
  • Hello, I'm in the mst payout with coots. I've talked to a few others from our server. What time zone are you in?
  • I usually get the p1 every day, but because of not having any competition in my schedule. here is payout time is 5pm brt (brasilia time) or 1pm pst. Very lucky. And yours?
    I have faced you, very good teams.
  • Either coots or myself take first, we're the only ones competing for it. I remember for a bit I struggled against your team, can't remember which 'era' that was during though. Our server doesn't seem super competitive and a number of people are on the other side of the planet in Korea.

    I like knowing what time zone the top ranked players are in so I don't screw up anyones payout (I'm mst).
  • ah, of course. we are lucky in the arena, I saw some servers where competition is absurd. In his time never do battle, then I promise to never mess up. HAHA.
  • Hi guys!
  • Tom777
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    Hi, it seems guillherme has quit as a lot of people
  • So is this still active guys? I'm in this shar.
  • Yes I m in. What about amkidd? he is very strong these days.
  • Yes amkidd is lol I found him on line! Not sure of his payout time? Asian time he said! Nice guy but man of few words. I'm would like to find out who has the same payout as me. I think you do! I'm guessing right now and trying to pay close attention not to battle anyone close to their payout! I don't like dropping out of the 10 if I'm not paying attention I stink like a rock. Firesword also has our payout I believe. I would work with you and alternate finishes and lock you in the last mins of payout! I will avoid battling you at all cost from this point on.
  • I will help and lock anybody I can for that matter that's getting sniped close as I do try to stick in the top 10. And Tom sry for any aggravation I have caused you. You are a tough opponent just so you know!
  • What's your line? I'll contact you tomorrow buddy
  • Cantseeit
  • Hey guys, I'm on this shard too. For the longest time I ignored Arena thinking about it would make GW impossible. For the last month or so I've been trying to improve in Arena. Most days I now finish 15-25. My payout time is US Central time, and I also have LINE as well.
  • Cantseeit
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    arches wrote: »
    Hi guys!

    What chat are you on? You are the next pay out after me. I use line and slack.
  • Seems like some days are more competitive than others. Finished top 20 a couple days and never dropped below 30. Then some days drop below 50. Will have Wedge at g11 in a day or two so that will help. Unfortunately way behind on the zeta train.
  • Swagg3r
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    Hi everyone
  • I’m on this shard if anyone is still checking this? Have been since 2015
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