A Team Instinct Special: Speed and You!



  • Helped me alot thx @Naecabon
  • nice and long details, like it
  • Thank you for the incredibly enlightening article this will definitely up my game
  • Very nice all involved in the guide. Too bad about abilities (Captain Phasma's Victory March) not being able to push the turn meter over 1K to carryover into the next round. :/
    Can anyone verify what Captain Phasma's Victory March actually does? If the ability is at 35% per use, does it add 35% of 1000 (or 350 turn meter) or is it 35% of current turn meter fill? There is a big difference and depending upon the situation will impact the battle rounds. This ability does have a declining return. It seems it would be wasteful to increase this ability much beyond level 3.

    If based upon current turn meter fill XXXX/1000
    This means increasing the ability has a declining return depending up the situation. The closer your character is to 1,000 turn meter the less turn meter that is added. For example at a 35% ability, once your character(s) are over 741/1000 turn meter the ability will not add its full potential (at 40% = 714, 45% = 689, 50% = 667). Giving any addition to a turn meter will be helpful. It also can be ineffective if you character(s) took a turn and have a low turn meter count. Increasing the ability under this situation, means the effectiveness of this ability declines on the top end and the bottom end return are not outstanding.

    If based upon 1000
    Your return is always known. Has the most benefit when having a lower turn meter.

    My guess and analysis.
    I think it would be based upon the fill of the turn meter because of the ability description and how other items in the game work. Of course other character's abilities can cause variances in the turn meter. This is still a good ability, but to invest heavily into it seems wasteful unless your other characters can generate turn meter variances.
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  • Wow fabulous article. Do you guys have openings
  • Thanks I'll have to get on applying
  • If someone is at 1050/1000 turn meter, and First Order Officer applies a boost to him, does his turn meter stay at 1050, or does it "go down" to 1000?
  • Sweet article, explains alot
  • Coachjm53 wrote: »
    Wow fabulous article. Do you guys have openings

    Recruitment was closed as of a few days ago but it won't hurt to fill out an app and post here anyway. Thanks for reading naenae's article!
  • Great Guide. I ll pay more attention from now on. Thank you.

    Have you also realized that there is a pattern on who to attack?
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