Do you think this game will be around long enough for the next 2 movie releases?

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Do you think this game will be around long enough for the next 2 movie releases? 31 votes

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Time will tell
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  • Yes why Not??
    I mean in 2019 IX should be released and its in 3 years so i think Ye if The Game gets updated and dont turn into a Boring Game
  • Time will tell
    Mainly asking because I want to spark some interest in the longevity of the game and the possibility of how many new characters could be added along with new features. I read on a star wars wiki that the game was designed to collect characters and vehicles and more?

  • Abyss
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    This game can/will be around for a long long time. You can do a TON for free so as long as they keep a solid balance between what can be accomplished free an what essentially must be paid for an keep fresh toons rolling out every so often then the game can/will have great longevity.

    Its star wars for goodness sake lol that in itself almost guarantees longevity much less if it stays a great game
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    Time will tell
    Game is new, but have a strog base to evolve, so I say it is depending on how CG is working on keeping the game interesting and fun, since a mobile game can have a long lifespan just look at supercells hayday and ****, or kings candycrush, witch still are the top in game sellers on iOS

    The **** is the first letters of Clash of Clans

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  • Time will tell
    *Vague Spoiler Alert for People who haven't seen the movie*

    I think it will be exciting to see the progression of peoples interest and use of different characters as the movies release, we dont even know Phasmas backstory yet. Also other questions linger in my mind like, are they going to release a new Luke Skywalker, or a new Rey, once she has transformed into her full jedi self? Of course with every new movie release we should be looking at new promo giveaways as well. So heres hoping to a long game life and all the possibilities that come with it.
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